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  • Hrensko


    Hrensko is the starting point for trips to the Elbe sandstone area and to Pravčická brána, the largest natural rock bridge in Europe and at the same time a symbol of the Czech Switzerland National Park. You can also get here from the settlement of Mezná, where children will discover a forest experience area. You can reach You can get to Pravčická brána and Sokolí hnízdo from here by following Gabriela’s trail and at the same time along a marked educational trail, which according to many travelers is one of the most beautiful sightseeing routes in the Czech Republic. Distance: 40km

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  • Strekov Castle

    Strekov Castle

    Built in 1316 and perched above the Elbe River, this Gothic fortress-like ruin is one of North Bohemia’s most visited cultural monuments. Goethe declared its spectacular vistas as some of the most beautiful in Central Europe. Distance: 20km

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  • Sedmihůrská vyhlídka

    Sedmihůrská vyhlídka

    The viewpoint is located about 2 km from the parking lot at Komáří vížka. From the lookout there is a view of the ridge of the Ore Mountains, the Bouřňák and Vrch Tří pánů, the landscape below the Ore Mountains from Most to Teplice, and on the horizon you can see the peaks of the Bohemian Central Highlands. Distance: 20km

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  • Milada Lake

    Milada Lake

    Milada is a reclamation lake created in the mining pit of the Chabařovice lignite mine. The lake and its surroundings are used for recreational and sports purposes (swimming, fishing, yachting, cycle paths, roller skating, jogging, horse riding). Distance: 15km

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  • Tisa Rocks or Tisa Walls

    Tisa Rocks or Tisa Walls

    Tisa Rocks / Tisa Walls is a sandstone rock town and natural monument near the village of Tisá. They are unique in their size and variety of rock formations. The tour routes will take you through both parts, i.e. along the Small and Large Tisa Walls. You will admire the beautiful sandstone formations that enchanted even the creators of the film The Chronicles of Narnia. Some of the rocks also have unique names that tell visitors what they can see in them. The walls are also a popular destination for climbers, who can find climbing routes of all levels of difficulty here. Distance: 15km

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  • Komáří vížka

    Komáří vížka

    According to Woerl’s travel guide from 1890, the view from Komáří vížka is not only one of the most beautiful in the Ore Mountains, but also one of the most beautiful in Europe. You can reach it either by hiking trails or by the historic cable car from the town of Krupka. In Krupka you can also find the Starý Martin tunnel. This cultural monument used to be one of the most important old mine workings in the Krupka district. Mining began here during the 14th century and stopped before the Second World War. Distance: 14km

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  • Golf Resort Ústí nad Labem

    Golf Resort Ústí nad Labem

    This golf resort with 18-holes, with a length of 5687 m for men and 4835 m for women is located in the northwestern part of Ústí nad Labem. The terrace modifications of the reclaimed zone of the Vseborice mine gave rise to a rugged playground with a large elevation. You can also book a trial lesson. Distance: 12km

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  • Trail „In the footsteps of the Battle of Chlumec“

    Trail „In the footsteps of the Battle of Chlumec“

    It’s an educational trail with 17 stops in the area around Chlumec near Ústí nad Labem, which in history became the scene of a number of important battles. Almost all military campaigns to Bohemia passed through Chlumec: Battles during the reign of the Przemysl family, the Hussite campaign, troops during the 30-year war, the 7-year war, the Napoleonic wars, the Prussian-Austrian clashes and the 1st and 2nd World Wars. Distance: 7km

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  • Oprám pond

    Oprám pond

    The Oprám pond is located in the village of Varvažov near Telnice. It is a former flooded quarry. There is a sandy beach surrounded by greenery with a gradual entry into the water. This is a natural swimming pool. The surroundings are suitable for hiking and cycling, and are also interesting in terms of history – there are monuments from the Napoleonic Wars. Distance: 6km

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